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Bead embroidered onto a Jacquard ribbon base, this cuff combines chains,
beads and crystals for an elegant yet wearable bracelet.
Surprisingly quick to make, and simple enough for even those with very little experience
with bead embroidery.

This class will cover various bead embroidery stitches including using mini duos in bead embroidery,embellishing and bezelling with chain, embroidery using ribbon as a base pattern and edging.
silver and black
black and gold
6 hour class
early intermediate

This feminine cuff bracelet is embellished with woven coralling, giving the bead work some fun movement when worn,as well as adding dimension to the piece. It is sewn using 3 pieces of woven braiding as a base-embellishing
them with bead embroidery creating an intricate
floral design with wonderful texture- it makes this cuff look difficult, when it is actually quite easy.

We will cover attaching braiding to a backing, embellishing using the design of the braid as a pattern, a unique edging, attaching a bar clasp, bezelling a cabochon with embellished netting, and stitching a coral fringe. Several
colorways will be available.
blue and green
6 hour class

The layered etched dagger fringe is the centerpiece of this necklace- but there is a lot more to it: a unique way to bezel unusual shapes, the beautiful backlit beads, and a lovely bead woven neck chain.  There will be several
colorways available, and you will be able to choose from several different Czech buttons to use as the focal piece in this necklace.

You will be learning several techniques in this class:  a bezel that will work for irregularly shaped objects, bead embroidery stitches, an awesome fringe using 2 holed dagger beads, plus a bead woven neck chain.  As an added
bonus you will be weaving your own beaded toggle clasp.
6 hour class
Wondering how to use some of the newer beads in a project?  This necklace uses many of them, as well as some of the old standbys.  The pendant is layered and very 3-d, combining both
bead embroidery and bead weaving. The Duet Super Duo beads create an interesting design in the main pendant, the neck chain and the leaf dangling below.

In this class the student will learn how to bezel a rivoli in bead embroidery, techniques for creating a dimensional flower by combining weaving and embroidery, several bead weaving stitches as
well as embellishing and edging bead embroidery. The neck chain is a variation of herringbone using Super duos. seed beads and crystals.
black and white
4-6hour class
all levels

This layered bead embroidered cuff is sewn on lace shapes to form both the butterfly
and the leaves- giving a wonderful dimensional effect. A woven component forms the
center of the butterfly while the bead embroidery adds to the intricacy of the piece

. In class you will learn about using lace as a base pattern for your bead embroidery, as
well as working with several different bead shapes.  Several embroidery stitches will be
covered, as well as edging and using buttons as clasps.
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6 hour class
All levels- project will not be completed in class

Using a combination of bead weaving and bead embroidery, students can choose from several different styles
of flowers (there will be full directions)- or make up their own! We will have fun arranging the flowers in various
patterns and students will be able to alter the shape/width of the cuff, or event opt to make a hair clip or
brooch. Betty will help with placement, as well as giving design tips. This cuff works up quite quickly but still has
a big wow factor.

Students Will Learn: We will cover different bead embroidery stitches and combining them into floral motifs. We
will be working with petal beads to weave dimensional flowers. We will discuss how to arrange these flowers on
the cuff. A fun class even if you have never done bead embroidery.
all levels

Using an embroidered ribbon as a base, this bracelet is easy and fun to make. Flowers woven with a combination of shaped beads are attached to the base. Then, using
the ribbon as a pattern, it is embellished with bead embroidery. Some of the design on the ribbon shows through, giving this cuff an intricate and textured look without
being difficult. The edging is embellished with Super Duo beads and seed beads. The beautiful "slide on" clasp gives the cuff a seamless appearance.
The class will cover how to attach a ribbon to a base, then embellish it with both bead embroidery and bead weaving. Various bead embroidery stitches will be covered, as
well as creating a unique edging embellishment. There will be lots of bead embroidery tips shared also!

This intricately textured necklace combines bead embroidery and bead weaving. But don't worry if you are not an expert in either- as long as you have a little experience, you will be able to
make this necklace -it's not as difficult as it appears. You will be incorporating many different materials into this necklace with bead embroidery- chain, cup chain, filigree, small drops. You
will learn an easy way to use those large teardrop Swarovski crystals in bead embroidery- and a quick bezel.
Students will explore bead embroidery using chain, cup chain, drops, filigree as embellishment, also an easy way to use a 20x30 mm crystal and a quick bezel for thick focals. The neck
chain weaves Gem Duos into an easy but beautiful pattern.
6 hour class
all levels
Create a beautiful and unique cuff bracelet with your own variations. The centerpiece of this cuff is cording that winds it's way around a large pear shaped Swarovski crystal. It then wanders through the whole
bracelet giving the piece nice flow and texture. There will be enough materials in the kit so you can personalize your cuff, or follow the instructions to make one just like the sample. A beautiful edging using
Soutache adds the finishing touch. Don't worry- this class is not difficult!
Students Will Learn: Many different bead embroidery stitches will be covered, as well as tips for creating your own design. The class will cover using cording as an embellishment in bead embroidery and a fun way
to incorporate Soutache in the edging for a beautiful finish.

6 hour class
all levels
This cuff is an easy project using a ribbon base as a pattern.  A combination of finishes and colors combine to make a beautiful and exuberant piece that you will love to wear as well as make!

The class will cover attaching a ribbon to a stiff base and using it as a pattern, how to attach and embellish a metal flower finding, several bead embroidery stitches as well as many tips to make your beadwork
look professional while still having fun stitching.
green and purple

6 hour class

Skill Level - All Levels

It’s a little bead embroidery and a little bead weaving.  I think both newbies and more
advanced beaders will enjoy making this necklace- you will be using a variety of 2
hole beads in a different interesting ways.  For instance- making a fringe with Ginko
beads as well as a super quick bezel using GInko beads and Baroque cabs.  Putting
the matte Ginko beads with the backlit Baroque cabs sure make colors pop! Add a
few crystals and chains cascading from the bottom- and you have a pretty impressive
piece of jewelry.  There will be several colorways available- hopefully one (or more!)
will fit your style
cream and gold
all levels
4-6 hours

This pretty necklace is a combination of
bead weaving and bead embroidery.  
With a triangle shaped crystal at it’s
center, it had a unique and quick bezel.  
Two of the colorways use a crystal with
fabric attached to the back, which gives it
an unusual and attractive coloring.  
Kit mandatory
Whether you have never done bead embroidery, or you are an old pro- you are sure to learn a few new techniques with this necklace. This project is not difficult but gives you a beautifully intricate piece of jewelry
when you are finished. The bottom focal piece is a handmade polymer clay leaf cabochon coated with resin, mimicking the look of dichroic glass. After the pendant is finished, you will add the unusual fringe and
chain, created with a whole bunch of Mini Duos.
Both cabochons will be bezeled with two different techniques, then the round cabochon will be embellished in a spiral pattern. That spiral is reflected in the various stitches surrounding the cabochons. The woven
neck chain and fringe are an easy but unusual technique. We will also be discussing how to make a fringe that hangs correctly from a pointed component.
6 hours
A beautiful pendant necklace combining bead weaving and bead embroidery. It is fun
discovering new ways to work with the newer 2 hole shaped beads. The cabochon has a
unique bezel that is formed with 2 layers of Gem Duo beads, adding dimension to the piece.
The combination of backlit beads and matte beads create a nice contrast and make the colors
pop. The neck chain is woven with the same Gem Duo beads with crystal bicones added for a
little sparkle, creating a nice substantial neck chain.
Students will use various bead embroidery stitches, working several shaped beads into the
necklace. We will weave a neckchain that is double sided, and finish it off with a beaded toggle
Kit mandatory
This bead embroidered pendant is stitched
around a filigree metal bead cap to give it a
beautiful dimension. The student will be using
some unusual stitches to embellish the pendant
and edge it. A pretty woven neck chain adds to
the appeal.
Students will learn about attaching and
embellishing metal filigree to their bead
embroidery with some different interesting
stitches. After edging the pendant, we will add a
pretty edging embellishment. The neck chain is
woven in a variation of the square stitch with
larger beads.